Terms and Conditions

I. Scope

a) The following terms and conditions, here referred to as "Terms and Conditions", apply to all services rendered by Mia Limousinenservice GmbH, hereinafter referred to as "MIA LIMOUSINENSERVICE GMBH", in particular for passenger transport by rental car, road shows and excursions with passenger cars. By using our services, our conditions are considered binding and accepted.

b) Deviations from the present terms and conditions are only effective by a written confirmation on our part. If the general terms and conditions of third parties should conflict with the present terms and conditions of MIA LIMOUSINENSERVICE GMBH GmbH, also here a departure from these terms and conditions requires a separate written agreement.

II. Subject of the contract

Passenger transport by rental car, excursions and any other services offered are subject matter of the contract within the meaning of these provisions.

III. contract

The offers of MIA LIMOUSINENSERVICE GMBH are non-binding and may be subject to periodic changes.

Orders and offers addressed to MIA LIMOUSINENSERVICE GMBH require a written confirmation or declaration of acceptance on our part for legal validity. Confirmations are made regularly immediately, at least within 24 hours of receipt. It is the client's responsibility to provide us with the

complete and correct information that is necessary for the execution of the order. These include, for example, the names of the passengers, the place and time of pickup, and the type of service desired.

IV. Changes to the services ordered, cancellations

a) Changes to the services ordered at MIA LIMOUSINENSERVICE GMBH or cancellations thereof, provided that they are received by us at least 24 hours before their due date, may be taken into account subject to any costs already incurred by MIA LIMOUSINENSERVICE GMBH or resulting price changes.

b) For larger orders, longer information or cancellation deadlines apply, which may be communicated separately upon order confirmation.

c) In case of late cancellations or unused services, the agreed fee will be charged in full. A telephone or written answer is possible daily between 6h00 and 19h00, a transmission outside of the business hours becomes effective towards MIA LIMOUSINENSERVICE GMBH only at the beginning of the business hours.

d) Minor changes or delays in performance, such as technical breakdowns or immobilization in the provision of MIA LIMOUSINENSERVICE GMBH do not lead to the nullity of this contract. In the case of the impossibility of the performance on our part due to an unforeseeable event of force majeure, MIA LIMOUSINENSERVICE GMBH GmbH has a right of withdrawal from the contract.

e) Possible claims for non-contractual services provided by MIA LIMOUSINENSERVICE GMBH must be in writing within 3 working days after completion of the order.

f) Modifications or ancillary agreements to the conditions mentioned here require a written confirmation of the same.

V. Prices

The prices of the services offered are listed in the current price list and are based on the contract, unless otherwise agreed.

Unless otherwise stated, special expenses such as museum entrance fees for sightseeing tours or other incidental expenses, as well as cash expenses, insofar as these have been made on customer request, are not included in the prices and will be charged separately.

VI. payments

Unless otherwise agreed, all claims for payment are due for payment upon presentation of the invoice. Under certain circumstances, a credit card payment, a letter of credit agreement or a settlement via a contract hotel is permitted. Prepayment and cash payment are also possible.

Mia Limousinenservice GmbH is entitled to make a pre-authorization on a customer credit card according to previous information or to demand a different security for certain orders or circumstances in which the creditworthiness of a contractual partner causes doubt.

In the event of late payment, MIA LIMOUSINENSERVICE GMBH is entitled to charge interest on the outstanding amount in the amount of the current account interest rate charged by the commercial banks for open current account credit.

VII. Duties and Obligations

Our customers are responsible for the independent compliance with all applicable statutory provisions and administrative regulations, in particular the provisions of the StVO and the KFG in the currently valid version.

Furthermore, it is our responsibility to our customers to use our driving

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